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Photovoltaic cable mainly used in photovoltaic power stations, with high temperature, cold, oil, acid and alkali resistance, anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant environmental protection, long service life, etc. 

 solar pv cablesolar cable



- Conductor

fine wire strands of tinned copper wires,according IEC 60228,Class 5

- Insulation

halogen free PE,electron beam cross-linked

- Outer jacket

halogen free and flame retardant PE,electron beam cross-linked resistance against water

- Temperature range

Max temperature at conductor : -40℃ up to +120℃

Temperature range : -40℃ up to +90℃


- Electrical characteristics

Nominal voltage : AC 600/1000V,DC 900/1500V

Mat.DC voltage: 1800V(conductor-conductor, non earthed system,circuit not under load)

Min.Surface resistance of sheath :109Ώ

Industry standards: IEC 62930:2017 / TUV 2pfg 1169 08.2007 /EN50618:2014/CE



We supply different size of solar cable, including 4mm², 6mm²10mm².If you have any requirements on PV cable, please directly contact us (+86) 595-550-7880.


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