9SUN SOLAR VIEWS: Model of "Agriculture and Light Complement


Among the many new energy sources, solar energy, as an inexhaustible clean energy source, has great growth potential. Under the global background of advocating energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon economy, the "agricultural-solar complementary" model contains Huge development opportunities and market space.

 Agriculture and Light Complement

 Agriculture and Light Complement

1. It saves the land for the construction of the ground power station, and at the same time, it can convert electricity locally and use it nearby, reducing the loss in power transmission, and greatly improving the comprehensive utilization rate of energy.


2. Change the situation of large agricultural investment and slow recovery cycle. The construction and operation of roof photovoltaic power plants can dilute the investment in the construction of agricultural greenhouses, while improving the quality, function and service life of greenhouses, and shortening the return on investment cycle.


9Sun Solar can provide the best and professional Farm Mounting Solutions.

The bracket is light in structure, convenient in transportation and installation, and safe in construction. The bracket will be pre-assembled to the greatest extent, saving construction time and labor costs for customers. 

Ground screw is usually chosen as the foundation of solar agriculture, because the screw can adjust the angle of solar bracket and the soil ecosystem will not be disturbed and remain intact.


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